Shopping Spree Donated to Charities
June 4, 2024

For our 110th Anniversary, we gave away a 110 Second Shopping Spree at our Kindersley Food Store. The winner of the shopping spree was Ginette Hoffman!

Local Kindersley residents, Ginette, and her husband Garth Hoffman, donated their shopping spree winnings to the Kindersley & District Food Bank & Food Mesh programs.

The total value of what Ginette was able to gather in the 110 seconds was divided between the organizations, with each being awarded a gift card with the total amount of $1,130.00 to be spent on what is most needed within their programs!

Thank you Ginette and Garth Hoffman for your generosity! ❤️

To see Ginette's mad dash around the Kindersley Food Store, follow the below link:

Facebook Post with Video

Pictured above:  Food Mesh representatives: Barb Dunn, Doug Dale and Jack Olson

Pictured above: Kindersley & District Food Bank representatives: Chelsea Omness and her daughter, Aubrey.